Thursday, May 9, 2013

Workout DVDs

Now that I have Lala, I have realized how much time I used to fritter away on randomness.  In my quest to get healthy, I need to find solid blocks of time to workout.  If I work nights (as I, unfortunately, have been of late thanks to Big Box), I can usually fit in a short workout between the time I wake up and the time she wakes up.  So I'm trying out various workout DVDs to see what works the best.
The first I got my hands on was Yoga for Weight Loss.  I really love yoga.  I feel so good when I'm doing it. That said, I'm still pretty much a beginner.  This DVD was a little advanced for me and it was a little over an hour long.  The music was nice and the routine was easy to follow.  The instructor made it look easy (it isn't!) so that's a pro or a con, depending on your personality.  Maybe as I get in better shape and Lala gets older, this will work better.  But for now, it's a no-go.  I'll revisit it later.
Today I tried out Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition the Workout.  It has three leveled workouts at fifteen, twenty and thirty minutes.  It ramps up the intensity appropriately between the levels.  I did the Level 1 workout and found it mostly too easy, so I'll be trying Level 2 tomorrow. Chris Powell, the instructor, is as motivating as he is hunky.  The first level is probably good for people just starting who are significantly out of shape.  My biggest complaint is that it's a little sedate and from time to time the camera work throws off the rhythm to follow Chris while he speaks rather than the people working out.
I need to track down my other DVDs.  Moving forward!

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